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Founder / Coach

Major Sajid is 3rd generation soldier with 19 years of outstanding military career. He is Masters in Science & Art of Warfare from University of Baluchistan and Masters in Business Administration from Iqra University. He is qualified security expert from Center of Safety & Development Netherlands. He founded Shaheen Adventures Pakistan in 2010 and later its affiliate Shaheen Archery in 2012. He is an experienced Master Trainer for corporate team building events through adventure and outdoor games.

Certified from South Korea as an archery coach, he has 10 years of coaching experience. Through his progressive coaching approach, he has contributed to national archery regime as several members of the club are now shooting at national level. He is amongst top few names who are going all out to promote archery in Pakistan.


To ensure the highest standards of archery sport right at the grassroots level through a progressive approach, thereby ensuring Olympic level participation of national archers by 2025.


To be a center of excellence in coaching for beginner to professional level archers, incorporating the latest trends and scientific research, with an aim to achieve 2025 vision.


  • To influence the parents for earlier enrolment of their kids in archery classes.
  • To promote culture of archery shooting at school & college levels.
  • To establish archery clubs nationwide in all major cities.
  • To identify and train raw talent for national and international competitions.
  • To encourage females to learn and excel in archery sport.
  • To introduce compound , traditional and field archery segments in Pakistan.
  • To interact with archery federation for the promotion of archery sport.
  • To liaise with concerned government authorities for necessary facilitation.