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Basic Level Course

Introductory Course

A Basic Level Course is designed for Beginners who want to lay hands on Bows and Arrows before opting for Regular Membership. It is an ideal opportunity for those who are visiting Islamabad for short duration and want to optimize their trip. Duration of this course is two days and is conducted on every Saturday & Sunday. Participants will be able to learn the basics of Archery in practical way. This includes Know-how of Equipment, Assembling / Stripping Bow, Range Layout, Safety Aspects, Practicing T-Form and Understanding Errors etc.

You will be able to shoot unlimited arrows to build your Form. One to One coaching will ensure quick and better learning. Each day, 60 minutes session is conducted at Range. Club’s coordinator will welcome you and will hand you over to Coach for the session. Minimum age is 06 years and there is no upper limit. Summer timings are 04:00 to 05:00 PM for this course. At the end of course, participants are awarded course certificates.