Hi Shaheens, Unleash Your Hidden Potential!

Members are the real assets of the club, in whom we invest both in terms of coaching as well as finances for the purpose of performance excellence.

Shaheen Archery is a close knit archery family of passionate archers and membership is must to become part of this family.

We have kids and females in the family so it is important that we screen all applicants before awarding them the membership status.

We offer sessions and courses who have limited archery goals but if you want optimum benefits, membership is the solution. A member can avail unlimited sessions, enjoys priority coaching  and shoots with club’s bows.

He / she is also eligible for family and performance discounts, club’s tours and official get-togethers. Even member’s families are facilitated when it comes to trips and festivities. Club’s shop offers amazing 50% discount to its members on complete range of equipment.